the extraordinary journey of an ordinary hack.

What's Medjack?

Medjack is about clever ways of hacking healthcare or other problems to create sustainable solutions.

Why read Medjack?

Fuel your entrepreneurial spirit

It’s for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit interested in the third-world healthcare perspective.

Get inspired to bring change

For people from any walk of life who feel that their healthcare system could do with some change will see what’s been done, what happened, and what could be done better.

An eye-opening read for everyone

It’s for students and professionals in healthcare (associated with such fields as medical, nursing, allied health, biomed engineering, and epi/bio/public health) as well as for those not in healthcare but interested in it (inter-disciplinary for instance, IT, engineering, business, arts and humanities).

Team of

Walid Farooqi
Sarosh Madhani
Haider Ali
Asad Mian
Namra Aziz
Hasan Tahir
Areeba Ahmed
Maryam Siddiqui
Mohammad Mohsin
Taha Anver
Rafeh Ahmed
Umme-Aiman Chippa
Komal Dayani